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Zwift Academy Finals 2020

Location: Baronia VIC

Production Company: Nimble Productions UK

 10 Zwift Academy users across the world fought for a spot in professional racing team Canyon/SRAM.

5 male and 5 female riders that spanned across the UK, Columbia, Germany, New Zealand and Australia had been selected for the finals from their outstanding performance on virtual cycling app Zwift. 18 year old, Neve Bradbury and I were paired up and spent 2 weeks capturing her story to be sent back daily to the HQ in the UK. 

She was tasked daily with challenges that were not only physical but helped the team gauge whether she was a good fit to join their professional squad. After a live show that commenced at 3am local time, Neve Bradbury took out the professional contract and now lives in Girona, Spain.

Our daily delivery also required us to shoot and edit a 1 minute cut of the day and the challenge for social as well as delivering 15 minutes of selects for the production company to use and a range of social attributes for Zwift. We also played a large role in giving feedback for the team and judges to deliberate on the rider’s attitude and personality.

After a couple of days, the decision was made to no longer make edits for each day much to the dismay of some of the more capable shooter/editors. Below are the two that I was lucky enough to put together.