While the video production process will vary based on the style, content, timeline, effort, and budget, there are some basic building blocks that are constant among the projects I am involved with.

Where all of the planning and coordination happens

  1. Discuss the purpose, strategy, and goals for your video and how it will be used after it is finalized. This is the part of the process where you'll want to communicate things like branding, target audience, and the tone and feel for the piece.

  2. Pre-Production Meeting: This meeting is typically held to set the timeline, identify the characters, and finalize any location details. This meeting can be done over the phone or in person.

  3. Site Visit (Optional): Depending on the complexity of the shoot, it can be helpful to do a site visit to your location, especially if neither the producer or I have seen it.

  4. Shoot Preparation: Prior to showing up on-site for your video shoot, the video producer (me) would ensure that scripts have been reviewed and approved, interview questions discussed, characters are vetted, schedule is finalized and locations are confirmed. All these details will help ensure that the production phase goes smoothly.

When we capture all of the elements that will be in your final video

This is the part where the story begins to come to life.

The production phase is where all the raw materials for your video will be captured. If you have specific visions, ideas, or visuals that you want to be included in the final product, be sure that you have clearly communicated that with me before the end of the production phase.

The production phase includes:
  • Setting up the sound/lighting/video equipment
  • Conducting interviews
  • Recording voiceovers (if they are needed for your project)
  • Capturing b-roll (extra footage that is used to support your story)

Where all of the elements get edited together and combined to create the final video.

I will assemble the story and use my magic to bring all the pieces together.

The production phase includes:
  • Producing the final story
  • Music selection
  • Video editing
  • Reviews/approvals
  • Final Delivery

I will handle all the nuts and bolts of making your project come to life. So, just sit tight and wait for the magic to happen. This process takes some time and creativity, so don't expect that it will happen overnight.

Every production company will have different timelines for the post-production phase, but you can plan for it to take approximately 6-8 weeks unless you've discussed another plan with your company.

Preplanning a shoot for Adidas and Real Madrid (2018)