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<content creator 2016-2018>

Location: Worldwide

Having been the key filmmaker that helped COPA90 wonderboy Eli Mengem get his role with the seminal Football Supporter Culture YouTube channel, the time came for me to join rank and explore the world through a football lens. 

From the Russian World Cup to qualifiers in Costa Rica, there was no corner of the world too far for us to traverse to find and tell the story of the world game. 

Our office was airplane seats, hotel rooms and the odd week or two back at HQ in central London. This fast paced world of production on shoestring budgets meant that we had to economise time and energy to get the most out of a small window of time and tell the most meaningful story possible. This mindset has continued throughout my career to this day. 

“Riots & Relegation: WTF Happened to Leyton Orient?”
My first film for COPA90 with Eli Mengem at the reigns. We followed the demise of one of the original football league clubs as its owner ran it into the ground. This film has touched the hearts of many fans around the world, some deeming it “Possibly the best video copa has ever made, I keep coming back over over and it still has the same impact!”

“How Football Conquered Japan”
For the world cup qualifiers, Eli and I teamed up and travelled to Japan for a rollercoaster adventure exploring how Japan has become a fierce football leader in the Asia Pacific region. We explored all aspects of Japan and both cried a little as we watched our home country team of Australia lose against the stronger team.

“The Most Batshit Mental Friendly Ever!”
Teaming up with American-Italian football supporter savant Martino Simcik, we had the hearty challenge of creating a film within three days; including filming and editing. The game was prefaced with a “ring of fire”, a demonstration that became tradition upon the first Aris v Boca Jr. friendly in 2009. We managed to complete the task with only a moment to spare before our deadline, what will forever be one of my favourite campaigns we set out to acheive at COPA90.