Filmmaker - Content Creator

Origin: Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Study: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, TV and New Media at Queensland University of Technology minoring in Sound Design. (2015)

Moved to London in 2016 to work at football supporter culture YouTube channel COPA90. Although he had to leave the UK at the end of his VISA, he rejoined the team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, Russia. He and a small team sponsored by Snapchat worked daily to cover the World Cup News. Their work amassed over 31million unique viewers.

In 2019, Cohen joined the AFL Media team as they expanded into an online media focus creating the role of Content Creator upon his arrival. Until the pandemic, Cohen was involved in creating documentary, TV Commercial and Brand Campaign for AFL Media which spread its stories across Australia and involved brand partnerships with GoPro and Virgin Australia.
Post-pandemic, he has been heralding as a freelance filmmaker/content creator that is bringing his diverse and varied background in independent online content creation to commercial production. Lately he has been exploring fashion with Melbourne brands Tony Bianco & Bardot.

Cohen has been involved heavilly with the music industry in Melbourne stemming from the creation of his side business
“In Your Streams” with former housemate Chris Erb. They  capitalised on the free time that arose during the pandemic.They hosted and broadcast three live-music charity streams with industry shaker Josh Olave of Moor Music. This solidified a partnership that has seen Cohen create work for the bands of Moor Music such as Beatnik Collective.

He hopes to continue his career into further artistic projects that help to inspire positive change in the world and innovate in the field of story telling and engagement. Forever pushing the envelope in his industry, Cohen is a creative tour-de-force with a distinct flare to his content that is sure to leave an impression and stand the test of time.